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What is commercial cleaning and what is domestic cleaning?

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If you thinking about hiring a commercial cleaner, you may be interested in understanding how their cleaning methods differ to your own. The main difference between domestic and commercial cleaning is that commercial cleaning techniques are designed for large commercial buildings. Domestic cleaning techniques are designed for a small home or apartment.

Commercial cleaners use very efficient cleaning equipment and procedures which are designed for large commercial or public spaces. The types of locations that use commercial cleaning include shopping centers, banks, hospitals, retail stores, supermarkets, schools and warehouses. The powerful machines that commercial cleaners use are quite expensive and very effective.

Commercial cleaning services tend to operate in off-peak hours, because they are cleaning commercial spaces when they aren’t being used.

Another key difference is that commercial cleaners use techniques that comply with special health and safety standards of certain environments like hospitals and restaurants. They must clean to a very high standard that is typically beyond what a person does in their own home.

To help you understand how commercial cleaning differs to domestic cleaning, here are the different approaches they use for common cleaning tasks.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning vs Domestic Carpet Cleaning

commercial carpet cleaning

Domestic carpet cleaning is typically carried out with a low-cost vacuum cleaner that removes dust and other debris from the surface of the carpet. These machines are fantastic for removing surface debris from carpets but can struggle to reach the deeper layers of the carpet.

Commercial carpet cleaners use more thorough carpet cleaning methods including:

Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction)

This method sprays hot water and cleaning detergents into the deeper layers of the carpet. The dirty water is simultaneously vacuumed up, removing deep-seated dirt and debris. It is one of the most effective methods for carpet cleaning and regularly used in commercial environments when strict cleanliness is crucial.

Dry Cleaning

Most commercial dry cleaning methods are “very low moisture” systems. They use dry compounds and cleaning solutions to reach the deeper layers of the carpet. These substances contain emulsifiers, solvents and detergents that are particularly effective at removing stains.

Commercial cleaning approaches remove debris from carpets much more thoroughly and can cover large spaces very quickly.

Even bagged or bagless vacuum cleaners used by commercial cleaners are different to most domestic vacuum cleaners. They are usually very powerful and contain additional exhaust filters so they can be safely used in environments like hospitals and restaurants.

Hard Floor Scrubbing, Polishing and Buffing

floor vacuum

In domestic environments, floor polishing is often done with hand tools like mops, buckets and hand buffers. This is fine for small spaces, but commercial cleaners require machines that can polish large spaces in a short amount of time.

They use a range of very efficient and powerful machines to carry out floor scrubbing, polishing and buffing. These machines can refinish large spaces in a relatively short amount of time compared to domestic cleaning approaches.

Commercial Window Cleaning vs Domestic Window Cleaning

window cleaning

Domestic window cleaning is often undertaken with simple household items like paper towels, water and a bottle of window cleaning fluid. Although it is time-consuming to clean windows this way, it is effective for small homes and apartments.

A commercial window cleaner uses a wider variety of tools to accomplish window cleaning in a very efficient and thorough manner. Those items include:

  • Extension poles
  • Rollers to dispense window detergent rapidly and thoroughly
  • A variety of micro fiber cloths and wide squeegees designed for windows
  • Jet washing systems to reach high windows easily

A commercial cleaner will have all of these items organized to maximize their cleaning efficiency.

Commercial Mopping vs Domestic Window Mopping


Even a simple task like mopping a floor is performed differently by commercial cleaners. They will use a variety of premium grade microfiber mop heads and specially designed buckets on wheels. The mop heads used by commercial cleaners are typically larger and hardier, designed to efficiently clean large spaces.

Commercial cleaning guide
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