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Window Washing could be Fun when You Read This

In a normal circumstance, windows ought to be cleaned or washed for a minimum of two times in a year, but it is often a task most people dread so much and do not like looking forward to. Ideally, window washing (i.e. cleaning architectural glass used for the purpose of lighting or decoration) shouldn't have been a serious job if the exercise is done appropriately. In fact, and from various observations, what has made the window washing activity a 'chore' is that many home owners opt for wrong cleaning materials and substances for the exercise. For instance, materials like newspaper, wadded-up paper, towels, spray cleaner etc. are some of the disgusting wrong materials used during the cleaning activities. To be actual, all these and the hard rubbing is never a good practice and idea; this odd practice will not make any good impact than just moving dirt from one spot to another and leaving indelible impression on the glass which can only attract more dirt and dust. If possible, it will be fine to carry-out window washing like the professionals. This simply means indulging in best practices thereby making use of specialized tools and substances readily available and designed for the purpose-one good example of such tools is the squeegee. To work like the professionals, the techniques are not technical or complicated and the desiring results are not tedious to attain. As mentioned earlier, there are tools which are specially and specifically designated for the exercise; few of such tools are mentioned below;
Chamois and Scrim
Water and squeegee
Water-fed and poles
If you are considering this activity as a business venture, it is important to be informed that there are a number of risks associated with the window washing janitorial service; some of which include slipping due to water or soap splash, and accidental fall from height. In a survey conducted in New York in the United States in 1932, at least an average of one person out of every two hundred window janitorial service provider lost their lives while in the act of their job. In another sad event on May 29, 1960, a number of four window cleaner crews were all killed as a result of scaffold falling on them at a construction site. Due to these developments and all other related antecedents, the Window cleaners Union, New York initiated job safety apprentice program for its members in quest to curb the anomalies.

Commercial cleaning guide
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