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Pre and Post Construction Cleanup

In the construction industry, there are diverse hindrances which tend to impede project execution. Implementation of a construction or renovation project task can be very tedious without the need to deal with the pre-project construction cleanup. To remove the whole muddle, firms that are into construction as well as facility managers often employ the services of a construction cleanup crew for wall-to-wall, ceiling to floor revamp. These firms provide a sort of work-through plan which defines an optimal cleaning routine and as well as professionalism on the jobsite; irrespective of how difficult the exercise may seem. Also, after the cleanup project is completed, these cleanup service providers also design a template for the maintenance program of the site which meets the specifics and peculiarity of the jobsite. This in-turn gives an assurance that the investment is well protected. In other words, preparing a new structure or revamping an already existing space can be somewhat simplified by employing the services of a competent construction cleanup janitorial provider. For a small construction site, cleanup is not a difficult task, but let's imagine the construction cleanup of a building edifice –with dirt, scuff marks, dust, trash, smudges, stickers and many others to deal with, this can net be classified as an easy job. This is where a need of a professional construction cleanup janitorial service provider comes to play. In this pathetic illustration, the service provider introduces a sort of cleanup checklist to help take care of the invading debris and dirt. A typical construction cleanup checklist might contain the following agendas;

  • -Wall cleaning (smudges, scuffs, dust and dirt)
  • -Ceilings and ceiling fan dusting
  • -Baseboards, doorframes, window frames and trim cleaning
  • -Mantels, handrails and general woodwork dusting
  • -Removal of stains such as mud, debris and paints
  • -Marble, brick rock cleaning i.e. general interior masonry cleanup
  • -Carpet edge vacuuming
  • -Floor cleaning which may include sealing, buffing waxing etc.
  • -Removal of stickers and cleaning of window tracks, glass frames etc.
  • -Light fixtures and bulbs cleanup i.e. electrical switches and vents
  • -Drawers underneath cleaning
  • -Removal and disposal of all protective films and trashes
Whew! This is a serious job task and someone just got to do it. Construction, either new or renovation cannot be said to have been fully enjoyed until the jobsite is cleared-up before and after the project.

Commercial cleaning guide
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