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Janitorial Services as Occupational Cleaning Services

The term 'cleaning' is often referred as the act or process which is systematic in nature and aims at getting-rid of unwanted materials, substances or objects from the surroundings. The objective of cleaning is to make sure that unwanted materials are cleared and maintained to a satisfactory level by which we believe that the risk level to our health and other living-things around us are minimal or non-existing. This cleaning process hence may require some high level of monitoring or standards especially when it is being viewed from the angle of a Janitor. Janitorial services can be seen as a cleaning occupation whereby an individual or firm offers cleaning service commercially. Such individuals or firms are said to be rendering Janitorial service. The job or task specification of a Janitor ranges from cleaning and maintaining building edifices such as homes, hospitals, schools, offices etc. These days, cleaning as an important aspect of hygienic living is mostly outsourced by many individuals, homes, firms as well as governments to private Janitorial services who offers cleaning activities commercially. These professional service providers hence takes up the cleaning task thereby assisting the employer to clean, clear and maintain their dirt and waste at different sections of the specified job coverage area for an agreed service fee. Some of the common service areas are;

  • -Floors (sweep, scrub, mop, polish, and buffing)
  • -Bathrooms (urinals, toilet, sinks,)
  • -Exteriors (Empting trash or recycle bin, maintaining walkways, trimming garden)
  • -Kitchen (vacuuming, restocking, dusting) etc.
There are many reason why cleaning is being outsourced by employers. For instance, corporate enterprises may decide to think in this direction if cleaning is not an integral part of the core value for their business. It is believed that this will help them concentrate more on things that matters to the business as well as save some amount of productive energy and money. Also, it is believed by most employers that there are fewer headaches with outsourcing cleaning activities to janitorial services due to the task of managing cleaning personnel unlike when they are directly employed. For instance, in a condition where a cleaning personnel is sick, the employer can be rest assured that the employed janitorial service provider will make substitute to replace this gap and the lapse will be covered since the employee has a list of staff on its payroll compared to when the sick personnel is directly employed where substitute cannot be viable and work will continually lag until the staff is back to sound-health.

Commercial cleaning guide
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