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Construction Cleaning Service may Require Some more Work to Start-Up

We can validly say from all diligent observations that the most preeminent but toughest yet engaging work available for commercial janitors can only be found in the construction industry. Construction cleaning projects can and, if harnessed properly, will show-up to become the most rewarding facet of a commercial cleaning venture. Construction clean-up jobs (either new or old) are continually and regularly available in virtually any location. To maximize the frequently available job opportunity, a proposal (accompanied with an introductory letter, business licenses, references and review of previous works) needs to be initiated by a janitorial service provider or commercial cleaning firm and addressed to the project manager or general contractor of any spotted on-going construction project work within reach. The opportunity in this niche of cleaning service is so quick to happen as when it does happen, the job offer is directed to the post firm with completed paper documents in place. If the project manager can have a good perception of your business being able to deliver their project requirements within their specified timeline then, there are every possibilities of your continuous working relationship. Offering a construction cleaning service is somewhat different to a commercial cleaning service and residential cleaning service simply because the task is much more tedious and rigorous. Looking at some distinguishing activities of construction clean-up, we can be talking of ladder works, heavy lifting, and debris removal task. The service may as well require that a crew be formed for the sake of division of labor. It is however this crew that works in a form of conjunction to see that work sites are spic-and-span before activities and normalcy returns to the work coverage area. Some of the noticeable job specifications are but not limited to;

  • Inside-out cleaning of windows
  • Surface washing and cleaning
  • Hauling debris from previous work
  • Vacuuming of floors
  • Polishing interior surfaces like tiles, glasses, marbles etc.
The rates of service are of a construction cleaning service are most often based on an estimation before discharging the service and may very due to the scope of the task but one may expect an $30 approximately per hour. Potential clientele for this category of cleaning are property developers or estate managers, renovation outfits and general construction contractors.

Commercial cleaning guide
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