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The office cleaning industry is well worth over a $52 billion for the continuous and constant upkeep of an office. These offices often apply different products and do it differently depending on their setup. The industry itself is growing at an annual rate of 7% companies that are large and small depend on the cleaning services that each company provides and there are a few that range in its quality.

The services can range taking care of large and established business to just cleaning a few cubicles and some carpet treatment. Each company has a range that could provide a large number of work and depending on the type of office, laboratory or full-time essential, sometimes the cleaners have to work with the office being occupied by workers. Depending on the type of service that the company wants, there are a few details that each business will provide for their services. Each of them will constantly The different types of services

? Part-time cleaning with temporary full time
? Business cleaning with everything included
? One Time Deep Clean

Full on business cleaning is responsible for a few things. Cleaning the entire business from head to toe on a consistent basis that will take a number of workers working full time in order to accomplish. A lot of these workers will be doing basic task considering the office is mostly tile, floor, carpet and desks.

? Deep clean and steam the carpets
? Disinfect the walls
? Re-buffer the tiles
? Remove garbages
? Clean the desks
? Dust the areas
? Clean the walls
? Wash the windows
? Mop and Wax
? Cleaning different Fabrics

Temporary cleaning is a contract basis, hiring that each company can bring into the business to take care of some immediate concerns, smells or different substances that could be in the area. These are often done for light cleaning with the occasional heavy clean of bringing in the equipment that would re-buffer the floor and steam clean carpets.
? Cleaning floors
? Cleaning the carpets
? Light duty cleaning of the desks
? Washing the walls
? Wash the Windows
? Cleaning of different fabrics

The one time deep clean is when a company is hired to deep clean once and is brought in for either an event or to revamp an already dusted building. This is officially the deep cleaning with all gadgets and technology involved. This will cost a one-time fee of everything with the estimate that also includes the up-keep costs if the business would continue to engage in further activity with the cleaning company. This is more or less done for events.
? Disinfect Areas
? Deep Clean the carpet ( Steam
cleaning ) ? Furniture cleaning
? Floor Buffering and Waxing
? Wall cleaning and Repainting
? Cleaning Desks and dusting

The Floor Treatment

Cleaning the floors for hardwood is often done with a mop and bucket. These will have an all purpose cleaner with some shine on it to make that lasting effect. Sometimes there is a scent added to the product depending on whether or not the company wants to add it to the business.

The buffer and waxer can also be brought in depending on the quality of the flooring and the constant upkeep on the tiles. This will often strip away a layer of the floor and refurbish it to look a little bit newer and if customers pay attention to this sort of thing, they will notice. This is often done on a rental basis with the company and isnít always completed nightly.

Carpet Treatment

Carpet treatment can be cleaned in a few ways, they can be vacuumed without any deep press involved in cleaning the rest of the toilet or they can be deep cleaned with a vapor cleaner and steam cleaner.

The vacuum is running over the carpet and picking up some of the remaining dust, which if often enough for the day to day work and doesnít require any of the added cleaning involved with a steam press, depending on the office.

If the office is heavier duty and deals with deep cleaned dirt and heavy boots on a daily basis than it is often recommended to utilize a steam cleaner on a weekly basis. This steam cleaner works deep in the carpet to remove any added stains and clean any unwanted chemicals that could be resting inside of the carpet. This makes the carpet last longer and continue to provide a quality look.

The products and equipment varies for the individual business that is being hired and for the location itself. The actual business could employ a cleaner that requires a drive-able buffer, depending on its size, which will cost more than a stand alone buffer. These machines can often drive the price of the service up and will depend on the specific case.

Commercial cleaning guide
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