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Commercial cleaning is worth around a couple billion and is still growing. This business does make a bit of a difference when someone is dealing with the livelihood of their own business and letís face it, as a customer and waking in a dump zone, chances are you arenít going to be pulling out your wallet for anyone in the area and it will leave a lasting impression that could damage the image of the company for as long as they are in existence, so obviously there is a responsibility for the commercial cleaner to clean the business well.

There are some advantages and disadvantages in the cleaning business, obviously people get paid more considering the amount thatís expected of them but its more than that, there is also the added responsibility to keep things clean with less leeway for any overlooks with an added cost for the machines to get the job done.

Often time with a commercial contract people will expect the floors to be buffered and the floors to be waxed which is part of the job, but they also have to be accounted for.

The Commercial Sectorís Wants!

They are much different from domestic expectations, but they say it the same way. They want the floors clean, the walls cleaned and everything in sight just basically as if the building was built yesterday! So, there are some things to consider when youíre involved in cleaning such a place.

Keeping Those Floors Clean!

Not to mention the added traffic that canít really be compared to a domestic place which is why keeping the floors clean consistently will keep the investment costs lower in time and will basically keep the building in tip-top shape.

Mop BucketAll-purpose cleaner is a must and do it at least once a day depending on the traffic. The traffic will determine whether youíre hiring a person full time or part time to take care of them consistently. Once in a while add some shiner and waxer to the mix in order to keep that clean and reflective look to it. Depending on the budget that you might be working with and the size of the building, there are waxerís and cleaner that can be driven that are made to buffer the tiles and build a somewhat reliable look to the floors without any added fuss. This is a daily routine and often takes more than one person to complete the tasks.

Broom with some replacements All purpose cleaner and Shiner Waxer

This of course is for those wood floors, hardwoods, tiles and any floor that doesnít have any fabric that is just dying to get their hands on some of the dirt and food that people drag into the building. Carpet on the other hand, is an entirely different situation to deal with.

The Many Types Of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning has a few different types of cleaning available and doesnít have to be done every single day, unless youíre living in a building that throws its food on the floor and drags mud and things everywhere with the idea that itís not their carpet, who cares. Well, fine more business for the company but the different types are

Steam cleaning
Foam Washing

Steam cleaning is mixing water and hot air together and then deep rinsing the carpet which gets all of the dirt out of the carpet and makes it seem brand new. This doesnít have to be done every single day but once a month or once a week would do and this can always be outsourced by any company if they donít have the resources.

Vacuuming is to take care of the stuff before any of the deeper cleaning gets involved. Itís a vacuum, depending on its Ēsuck-ageĒ it will clean more or less the stuff from the carpet like crumbs and some dirt.

Foam washing is a technique that adds some chemicals in the carpet with water in order to rinse it, clean it then dry it at in the same cycle. This is one of the foam scrubby things that often works well for carpets every other week.

Either way, there are options for cleaning carpets and they arenít too expensive depending on the building. If you plan on doing it yourself then either buy yourself a machine steamer that can cost a couple hundred bucks or an industrial strength version worth much more.

The Rest of the business

Commercial cleaning for the most part, after this heavy duty aspect is taken care of is basically dusting and sweeping with a coffee in your hand. Some wiping down the walls and check the doorknobs and making all the of necessary touches to make it seem like people are actually cleaning the building and for the customer to focus on shopping and not the dirt in the corner that might attack them.

Commercial cleaning guide
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