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Facilities maintenance

Facilities maintenance grows at approximately 4.2% every single year and contributes to over 271 billion dollars in the United States. This is a large chunk of change that promotes the industrial sector and provides a lot of leeway for companies to continue growing in the direction they are. Facilities maintenance comprises of a lot of things and a lot of services that can range from chemical cleanup to redirecting garbage to a different area entirely.

Facilities maintenance has everything to do with the upkeep and ongoing success of a working property. This includes, but is not limited to

? Indoor/outdoor upkeep and appeal
? Repairs
? Cleaning
? Grounds services
? Window washing
? Pest control
? Plumbing
? Electrical
? Renovations

The indoor and outdoor upkeep will be responsible for the presentation and look of the property. This means that it will include the functionality of the building as well as the overall look and feel of it. Depending on the depth of responsibility that is awarded to the individual or team of people, this can consist of cleaning the entire business as well. In some cases, this only comprises the working of the electrical systems and the things that would affect the daily operation and the long term investment of the property.

Grounds services would be mowing the laws and cutting the grass and planting the gardens in order to create that appeal that could be necessary depending on the business itself. This would also include fence maintenance and being able to take on projects if something were to arise, including watering the grass and installing a hose system.

Window washing, either pressure washing or hiring a group of people in order to clean the windows, is all taking care of by the facilities maintenance crew. This includes a pressure washing system and being able to schedule time around the people who are currently operating the business.

Pest control would be to ensure that there are no leaks and damages in the building that would cause some type of outbreak to the system itself. This means that if there are any bugs that are found, they are exterminated immediately. This is a crucial aspect in cases that people are dealing with high chemical situations and scientific laboratories that demand a certain level of cleanliness and standard in order to keep their chemicals being experimented on at a certain temperature.

Plumbing for the daily operation is in the hands of the facilities maintenance crew. Their job, depending on the contract is to ensure that all the pipes are working correctly and will without a doubt do their job. If something were to happen to them, they are called in immediately in order to either fix it themselves or hire a person who can.

Electrical systems take a toll in any business and there is always a need to have them replaced and provided with a specific degree or concern for information. These light replacements can be chosen between different types of lighting and in different areas for their own purposes. Replacing lightbulbs and the resulting costs will make a difference to the overall daily life of the business.

Renovations include tile laying, brick building, painting, changing the layout, adding a room, taking a room out and anything that can result in changes to the layout of the business. This foreperson is responsible for leading the renovation and will offer either a team of people to do the renovations with or do it themselves.

The Investment of Facilities Maintenance

A facilities maintenance team or individual, depending on the size will always have jobs to do. With facilities maintenance people who are hired to do this job often have a jack of all trades mentality and can carry out the task so the business can run without a hitch. Investing in having a facilities maintenance crew can depend on the size and operation of the business, but it often leads to a more relaxed and systematic approach to the entire daily business since the operation of the business is taken care of.

Commercial of Industrial

Commercial or industrial concerns will depend on the type of business being made. If the business has labs and a scientific background there will be security checks and different protocols to ensure that the maintenance crew isnít up to anything suspicious and can also do the job thatís required of them. If itís more of a commercial business designed for the upkeep of the lights, then its more relaxed and the work will just be planned and executed. The difference between the two isnít much in this sector with the exception of the services that could be rendered and the scale at which they will be considered. The size and scope of the project will depend on the qualifications and often times, the cleanup can include chemical spills and ongoing investigations.

Commercial cleaning guide
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