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Cleaning as a whole is worth over a 54 billion dollars and is continuing to grow on a yearly basis. There is no barrier to entry into the business with a very low cost and the only thing required is someone who doesnít steal and can clean a building properly. There are a number of opportunities for everyone considering that there are countless ways to clean with unlimited amount of products designed to make it cleaner than before.

Each of these supplies are applied and made with some chemicals that would rip the skin off of a goat and others than wouldnít harm a hair on your body. This range is largely due to the growing awareness of earth friendly technology that is incorporated into the products and is part of a trend that is growing and gaining steam.

These businesses who provide these products know the product, know the market and know the reason that each individual is buying their product and with what interest. But, not all the products that are being sold are being utilized and there are some categories for these products

Commercial, Domestic and Industrial products

Commercial cleaning products are applied to businesses and for offices. These products are designed to leave less of a scent, but clean more consistently than they usually would. These products are consistently made into different chemicals in order to make the lasting and prolonging effect. This allows that clean look that is synonymous with a business who cares about their image to a fault.

The products included in commercial applications are
? Mop buckets
? Mop heads
? Antibacterial
? Buffers
? Waxerís
? Floor Cleaners
? Hand Soap
? Soap Dispensers

These arenít the only products, but the range is what makes the difference and since they are often applied around customers and during operational hours, there isnít much time for them to dry and start smelling. They are created with that in mind. 5

Domestic Cleaning Products

These products offer more variety with a scent. They often provide scented candles with some sprays that disinfect but also leave a lasting impression, but beyond the scent that actual grim that is reduced by these chemical products that clean with an antibacterial power but donít harm the children with their chemical makeup are whatís mostly kept in mind. Since the chemicals are going to be around children and around people in their own home, products are provided with an option for choices for the type, the smell and the quality.

? Sprays
? Disinfectant
? Harmless Chemicals for children
? Harmless if swallowed chemicals
? Antibacterial for washrooms and bathrooms
Industrial Products are more heavy duty products and contain things like

? Electric Pressure Washers
? Windows Washers
? Dispensers, Heavy Duty Chemicals Rub for grease
? Tile-Buffers
? Drive-able Buffer Systems with adjustable things
? Gum removal machines
? Longer lasting mops and buckets

Most of these devices can cost upwards of thousands of dollars and are operable in most places and consider the sizes of the buildings as well. In the industrial cleaning department there are airport hangars that are being cleaned and places of that size. Often provided with the same grade that can take off oil directly from the hands, these provide a more lasting clean but expect the hands to get dirty again.

Environmentally conscious cleaning products

These are products that take into account some cleaning effects that eliminate the residue left by ordinary chemicals. The idea behind this concept is that when a chemical is applied to a surface after it dries up there is a chemical residue that can release toxins into the air. This is compounded in a timely effect that can cause hazardous effects to the people living in the home. This has been the main focus area of the campaign and aims to eliminate the residue by eliminating the chemicals that creating the organic release.

Some of the products for this are made applying basic ingredients that are found in a household and without much added interest. Although these donít often expand into the larger market. Some companies like proctor and gamble have realized that there is money to be made and improvements to the products to be done as well. These companies have made products that have reduced the VOC effect of their products which include the industrial sector.

Commercial cleaning guide
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