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Investing In Floor Cleaning

There are many different types of floor cleaning involve and tons of different floor cleaners to choose from. With a growing industry in a growing market, floor cleaners have become more specialized and specific to their job requirements. Depending on the qualifications of the individual, floor cleaning and carpet cleaning both have very different styles.

For each specific type of floor whether its carpet, tile, wood or something else there is a specific way to clean that floor. Mostly done in commercial, industrial and domestic use the vacuum is a simple to apply and typical essential tool when cleaning a carpet, but that is just the surface of things and it doesn’t do the job that it could.

The Many Types Of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is a technique that can have many different ways to do it. There are actual carpets, floor carpets, rugs and upholstery that all require them to be treated differently. Each carpet, depending on its grade, will demand a treatment and some just require a typical clean. There are a few different types and they are

- Steam Clean
- Vacuuming
- Chem Dry Clean

A steam cleaning the carpet is combined with high pressure systems and an air pump that will pressurize the vacuuming into the carpet and produce a cleaner more compressed version of its previous self. The steam cleaner applies alchemy to clean the carpet and does require some dry time as water is also involved in the process.

Vacuuming as stated before is the typical way to clean a carpet. Aside from scraping the dog hair off the carpet on your hands and knees vacuuming is one of the ways that a carpet can look sort of new again. It will not restore itself to the form that you bought it, but it might just make it more presentable for the evening you might have planned. Keep in mind this doesn’t do anything at all for the odor and chemicals that can build up over time.

A chem dry clean is an upgrade and chemically sound vaporizer. It cleans and eliminates all odors and is most often seen on those infomercials that have a dark brown carpet turning white. This is the gold standard of vacuuming and cleanliness for carpet cleaning. They infuse a high pressure system that sinks deep into the curvatures of the carpet to release some of the dirt that has been accumulated throughout its use. This dirt that is being removed is also a way that odor begins to build up and create a scent that lingers in the home or office. With a chemical steamer vaporizer this can be eliminated and the carpet will be made new again. The choice often comes to, whether or not you should get it cleaned or just buy a new carpet.

The Ever Reliable Tile Clean

Cleaning tiles are often done with a mop and a bucket. This is often done in busy areas and often times don’t require much upkeep. Depending on the level of dirt involved, it can be scrubbed and scrapped using a tile buffer in order to get some of the dirt off of the tiles that is sticking. This also leaves a shiny marking. This is often combined with all purpose cleaner in order to make that lasting shine that makes a tile worth having.

Wood Floors

Hardwood floors have a few options if they want that lasting clean. Depending on whether its a domestic, industrial or commercial environment the materials being applied won’t always be the same. Some of these materials include driving waxer’s and buffers in order to make it shine again.

- Buffers
- Waxers
- Standing Buffer

These three combinations are basically what all industries apply in order to clean their floors. They often have different ingredients involved in the all purpose cleaner and sometimes even machines for the industrial side that will buffer the floors almost every day.

The Ever So Wonderful Mop

The mop will always be utilized and always is for each and every type of flooring except for the carpet. Each flooring requires consistent care and upkeep in order to keep it in tip top shape. Therefore, in most cases there are part-time workers who are specifically to take care of this department.

The Investment In Upkeep

Making the investment in keeping the floors clean will often have more of an impact in the lasting sense of the building. If the building is constantly being up kept there is going to be less of a cost incurred in the system and more of the damages will begin to show. Making this investment to keep the floors tidy is sometimes worth it in for the longevity of the building and will increase the rate of return should the buyer want to sell the building.

Commercial cleaning guide
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