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When dealing with higher grade oils and minerals the stuff that can get on peopleís hands during the work load can be tough stuff to get off. Loaded with added chemicals and sometimes they are acid based, these chemicals can tear and rip right into the skin, destroying the particles and leaving a nasty scar in its place. These scars are often the result of poor judgement and lack of attention to detail when it comes to the commercial grade cleaning devices and industrial cleaning supplies.

The High Value Supply

Industrial strength cleaning supplies are supplies that offer a higher grade of soluble material that can then deal with tougher chemicals and remove some tougher stains. This is especially crucial when dealing asbestos and cancer based materials and other materials that have been linked to initiate a disease. There are a number of chemicals that are applied to floor based chemicals to window washer chemicals to increase the cleanliness, but also ward off some of the demanding bacteria that can cause damage and even spread disease.
These are especially being applied in commercial buildings and a lot of other different situations that would create somewhat of a hazard free zone in some cases but not in all cases. Most of the time the workers have to pay attention, however, this is more about industrial strength cleaners and what is added to the mix in order to keep pesky critters away from making a scar in an unwelcome place.

More than just Chemicals

Industrial cleaning supplies arenít just about the higher grade chemicals that can wash off of the person skin and cleaning dishes and anything else that would require a rinse including some high grade aluminum and sometimes even steel. There are also different products including but not limited to
? Waxers & Buffers
? Pressure Cleaners
? Windows Cleaner
? Floor Cleaning
? Mops and Buckets

Floor Chemicals

Industrial strength floor cleaner is designed to wipe off and leave it sparkling clean in all situations. These are designed to handle even the dirtiest of floors and tiles that requires constant buffering and these products are designed to leave a lasting shine every time. Usually a mix between a cleanser, cleaner and a shiner this combination will often clean the thick layer of dirt while leaving a lasting coat and then utilizing a buffer polymer technology in order to increase the level of shine that it looks. This is mostly for every single high grade industrial product and often does the trick and provides a lasting support for the acrylate and floor.

Window Cleaner

Often made specifically for either glass, stainless steel or mirrors with chemicals that deal with each individually, leaving a lasting shine, but with those wet marks that are often left by applying the typical cleaner. With amoniated liquid and combined ingredients this stuff is whatís left a scent in the washroom to let people know that it has just been cleaned.

Pressure Cleaners

Pressure cleaners are an industrial tool that utilizes pressure water and some added chemicals in a mixture to increase the cleanliness of some windows. These windows and walls are pressurized with some condense PSI that ranges depending on the product.

The product prices will range from a couple hundred to beyond a thousand and depending. The industrial strength will often cost thousands of dollars to clean the building. All thatís required is access to a hose and to have a full stock of chemicals that are purchased with the product and a power source. It is usually powered by battery or electric motor for the condensed air.

Buffers & Waxers

Buffers and Floor Waxers are both machine operated and driven to clean tiles and buff the floors. This is often applied in gyms to keep that shiny look without creating much time for the product to dry out. These can dry quickly and often times are cleaned, buffed and stripped within a few hours that makes it much simpler for cleaning if you are a company hiring people to do the work. These devices do not require a license and reach speeds upwards of about 25 kilometers per hour with a range of settings that adjust the chemicals released along with the water levels. These are charged by plugging them into the wall and often run on about 3-4 batteries at 12V each. These cost upwards of a few thousand dollars depending on the quality and in time is worth the investment.

Mops and Buckets

These are typical and are basically always the same. These are similar and are made to withstand the added chemical intake for all of the chemicals that are going into the bucket. These will last as well as you donít burn them in a fire and set.

Commercial cleaning guide
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