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It is very confusing to chose a good carpet cleaning machine because, the market is full of various types of these machines. The effectiveness of carpet cleaners can be seen, when you clean your expensive carpet with it. It is advised to keep these points in mind when buying these machines; it will help you to choose the best machine for you.
Rug Surface Area
Make sure about the sizes and shapes of the carpets you have in your home; also be sure about how many rooms you have covered with carpets in order to select the perfect size carpet cleaning machine for your home. Any home with large area carpet covering needs a machine with big reservoir so that it can carry enough cleaning fluid and waste water, otherwise you will have to keep emptying and filling the machine again and again. And obviously you donít want your machine to be very heavy if you need to pull it above the stairs and other portions of your home. A larger cleaner is always better, so choose accordingly to have better cleaning as well as easy movements.
Types of Spills
It is a common fact that any house with many children will be more messed up and dirty than other houses with few or no children or pets. A simple cleaning machine can only cleans up around front doors, but for cleaning petís mess and ketchups or juices requires more power. So for these messes clean ups it is advised to purchase a spot cleaner too.
Frequency of Cleaning
Be clear about how frequently you need carpets cleaning. If you need to clean up your carpets once in a year or less than, hiring a professional cleaner or renting a machine will be a better option. A spot cleaner can be used for your little cleaning needs. But most people like to clean up their carpets more than 2-3 times in a year, and so they like to buy a carpet cleaning machine instead of hiring.
Features Steam
Carpet cleaning machines uses high pressurized water with high temperature that comes out in the form of vapor. In non steaming machines hot water is used for cleaning and removing hard dust particles from the carpet. Hence it is better to check the machineís specifications to know its high temperature operating limits. Also it is better to buy a carpet cleaning machine with furniture attachment so as to save your time from continue filling and empting.
Cost Carpet
The price range of various carpet cleaners varied from few hundred dollars to thousand dollars, depending upon their capacity and features. If you have large area covered with carpets then it will need a big and hi tech machine which is quite costly, in that case it is better to hire a professional cleaner to clean the mess. You can do minor cleanings by any low end carpet cleaning machine, so it will be a better option.
While keeping the above points in your mind, you will definitely find the best.

Commercial cleaning guide
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