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How to clean your carpet

Carpet floor not only adds elegance and beauty to your house, it also comes with a house core which canít be underestimated. This particular carpet chore is not over with regular vacuum but needs proper cleaning for the elimination of dirt stuck in fiber of carpet. For proper cleaning you need to choose from several types of carpeting shampoo or from professional cleaning companies if donít wish to do it on your own.
First of all, you need to look into several carpet shampoo required for carpet cleaning. Different carpet cleaning shampoos are intended for different types of cleaning areas. For starter, dry shampoos are devoted for the cleaning of rugs and intend to preserve fibers of your carpet. Liquid shampoos on the other hand are intended for lumpy, old and grimy carpets as they soak up dirt in fibers and leave them clean plus fully fragrant.
Professional Carpet Cleanup
It is a good idea to hire a professional cleaning service if you are dealing with a fully carpeted house, as doing the same on your own can kill several hours. But at the same time, to afford this luxury you need to bear more than a few dollars. Going with professional cleaning company you can get your carpet shampooed and choose a specific fragrance for your carpet.
DIY Carpet Cleanup
On the contrary if you choose to conduct carpet cleaning on your own, you can save the cost associated with professional carpet cleaning. Things could be a lot easier if you follow simple guidelines stated above:
ē Move out all furniture and other items placed on the carpet. Ask all the resident of your house to stay out of the cleaning area. Begin with the vacuuming of your carpets as this will eliminate all the dust and grime stuck in the fibers and under layer of your carpet.
ē Begin with cleaning the surface which is far enough from the entrance or door. If you choose liquid shampoo for carpet cleaning, then prepare a specific vacuum as soon as you are done with specific portion of the room. Vacuum simultaneously and dry out the carpet area.
ē To deal with stubborn stains and spots make a mixture of vinegar and water in equal quantities, place them in spray bottle and sprinkle on the affected area. Let it soak in unless the stain is completely gone.
Carpet cleaning process can turn out to be quite easy if all the preparation are made beforehand and all the materials needed are ready to use.

Commercial cleaning guide
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