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Carpet cleaning techniques

Like all household items or office furniture, carpets need regular cleaning not only for hygiene reasons but to also to prolong their life span, retaining their beauty for as long as possible. There are numerous way to clean a carpet and are determined by if the carpet is in residential use or commercial use, or if its simple regular cleaning to get read of dust or an in-depth cleaning geared towards getting rid of grime, stains and odors.
The dirt that collects in the carpet harbors germs thus causing potential health hazards. In residents with shading pets, the need to regularly vacuum carpets is even more pronounced since their shed hairs are potential allergens. More to that, dust mites that harbor in poorly cleaned carpets are also phenomenon allergens.
Well as regularly cleaning carpet is necessary, care has to be taken when choosing cleaning methods to be used given some cleaning methods as well cleaning solutions expose the carpet to more wear and tear thus reducing its quality and life span. Where possible it is advisable to stick to biodegradable carpet cleaning solution given they are less corrosive to both the carpet as well as the cleaning equipment. More to that, they are not only safe for humans and pets but the environment as well.
Dusting and vacuuming
This method is very effective for daily cleaning, as it involves no tough chemicals or procedures that expose the carpet to wear and tear. It is advisable to dust the carpet first before vacuuming to achieve better results. However, this method is limited to dust mites, dust and dander from pets and is nearly useless when it comes to getting rid of stains and odor.
Steam cleaning
Steam cleaning is very effective in removing stains; it also gets rid of bacteria, allergen and odor. It involves the use of water boiling at 150 to 200 degree Fahrenheit, which spouted out at a high pressure on the carpet loosening the dirt particles and getting rid of them.
Carpet Shampoo
This is the most efficient method as it involves the use of other cleaning solutions that are spread over the carpet in shampoo form, dissolving, killing and washing away all kinds of dirt stains as well as odors. After this procedure, a vacuum cleaner can be used to ensure the carpet dries faster. However, the strong cleaning agents used in this method make the carpet more prone to wear and tear thus significantly reducing its life span.
There are other carpet cleaning methods like use of dry powder and detergent with white vinegar, but the above-mentioned are the easiest and most efficient ones.

Commercial cleaning guide
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