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Dry carpet cleaning methods

Dry carpet is one of the most widely and regularly used methods of carpet cleaning both in terms of regular cleaning and in depth cleaning. It involves use of specialized machines that use specific chemical technologies that permit no moisture or very little moisture cleaning, removing, allergens, stains, dirt and grit beautifying the carpet without having to make it wet in the process. Dry cleaning is preferred over other methods of carpet cleaning given it does not discolour the carpet, thus lengthening its lifespan. It is worth noting that dry cleaning does not necessarily mean that no moisture is involved in the cleaning process, however very low moisture is involved thus, it dries very fast and is hardily realized.
Pre-conditioners or pre-treatment that are detergents or emulsifiers are applied on to the carpet to loosen dirt on carpet fibres prior to the dry cleaning process. These chemicals dissolve spills and stains as well as grease films that bind dirt on the carpet preventing it from being sucked up during vacuuming. There are numerous procedures of dry cleaning a carpet; they include bonnet, encapsulation and solvent extraction. Although their procedures differ, they all involve minimal moisture that dries off the carpet very fast.
Keeping carpet clean is an essential part of maintaining carpets, not only because of its cosmetic benefits but also due to resultant hygienic benefits. Dirt, grit, spills, stains as well as pet dander build up in carpets, making them not only unhealthy but also diminishing their beauty as well as life span. More to that, some dirt like pet dander as well as dust mites are allergens that ought to be gotten rid of. Leaving dirt to build up in carpets also makes them develop a bad musky smell. All the above make the need of regular as well in depth cleaning of carpet paramount. However, in-depth cleaning should be done periodically not daily, as it puts the carpet under significant strain thus doing it daily will instead reduce the carpets life span.
Although it is fine to do the regular carpet cleaning like dusting and vacuuming yourself, it is advisable to hire professional carpet cleaning service providers to do the in depth cleaning for you. They not only have better skills and are more experienced when it comes to this, but also have the necessary equipment. In addition, they are less likely to make detrimental mistakes during the in-depth cleaning process.

Commercial cleaning guide
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