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Ironically as our lives become easier with the recent advances in the worlds of technology as well as medication, we are doing more harm to our planet and environment at a rate that far exceeds any point in history. With the possible adverse effects of global warming, it is prudent that we seek cleaner and more environmentally friendly ways to do most of our activities, and this extends to carpet cleaning as well. Of recent groundbreaking research has enabled the formulation of environmentally friendly carpet cleaning agents, which are biodegradable and live no toxic or harmful residue. They are friendly to not only humans and animals but also the environment as well.
Such green carpet cleaning solutions come in handy for residential use, especially in residences with kids and animals. While kids enjoy eating whatever they find as well as playing on the carpets, most pets often lick anything. Thus, toxic chemical carpet cleaning solutions are hazardous for them.
Some of these green carpet-cleaning solutions have proven to be more effective than the toxic ones, exploiting naturally occurring enzymes to effectively and efficiently breakdown dirt, leaving no residue behind. They are gentle enough on humans and pets yet tough enough to destroy most of the germs harboring in the carpets. Moreover, considering their natural odors as well compositions, they cause no allergic reactions what so ever.
Although earlier deemed to be the most effective and only solution to stain removal in carpets and rugs, chemical based carpet cleaning solutions do reduce the life span of carpets. Yet green carpet solutions not only lengthen the life span of your carpets, they are natural and do not contain harsh chemicals that can discolor your carpet. They contain 100% organic stain removers, which effectively clean coffee, rust and tea stains as effectively as chemical based cleaning solutions. They get rid of smoke and cooking odors as well as pet dander too.
When buying carpet-cleaning solutions or looking for a carpet cleaning company, consider those that use green carpet cleaning solutions, they are equally as effective as the chemical based carpet cleaning solution yet environmentally friendly. They contain no artificial fragrances, preservatives or fragrances, making them even safer to use in cleaning machines since they do no corrode them like some chemical based cleaning solutions do, indirectly increasing not only the life span of the carpet but the cleaning machines as well.

Commercial cleaning guide
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