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The difference between dry chemical and steam carpet cleaning

Although carpets remarkably reduce the strain involved in cleaning a floor given their numerous innovative cleaning methods, they do not totally make the need of regular cleaning redundant. They only reduce the physical effort involved in cleaning but warrant the need for regular cleaning especially if used in homes with young kids as well as pets. Shading pets leave loads of dander that are not only dirt but also allergens hence effective vacuuming is necessary. More to that, without proper cleaning the beauty of carpets deteriorates and at times the carpets develop bad odors as well.
Depending on the depth of cleaning aimed, carpet owners can choose from wide range of cleaning options. In particular, for the periodical in depth cleaning, chemical or steam carpet cleaning can be utilized.
Steam carpet cleaning, is an old age method of cleaning carpets that has even been made more effective by the recent technological advancements. Here steam is spouted at high pressure on the carpet, reaching its depths and getting rid of dirt, grime, dander as well as dust mites. The water being heated to steam can also be mixed with minimal chemicals to achieve a more efficient clean. The carpet can later be left to dry completely or vacuumed to quicken the drying process.
Numerous chemicals are utilized when chemically cleaning the carpet, such chemicals not only get rid of the dirt but also kill the dust mite as well any other germs that could be logged in the carpet depths. Although chemical cleaned carpets dry much faster than steam cleaned carpets, due to the chemicals used, chemical cleaned carpets lose the soft feel after drying. Furthermore, some carpets fabrics are weak hence if tough chemicals are used on them, they become discolored and their fabric deteriorates at a much faster rate. It is worth noting, that for poor quality carpets, steam cleaning also results in discoloration.
For the sake of the above-mentioned deep carpet cleaning methods, it is advisable to hire professional carpet cleaners to do the job. Given they are more skilled and experienced in this field and have the necessary equipment. Where possible, select environmentally friendly carpet cleaning solutions, these not only increase your carpet life span but also live the environment safe and clean.
Of the two methods steam cleaning is the better option, as it hardly interferes with your carpets fabric, hence increasing its life span. It is also more environmentally friendly unlike chemical cleaning.

Commercial cleaning guide
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