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Ultimate Natural Remedies for Carpet cleaning at home

Clean home and environment play major role in promoting healthy living. To maintain a clean ambience for your loved ones, you are required to know basic factors which help sustaining a germ free environment. When it comes to a house with wall to wall carpets, cleaning is quite incomplete without proper maintenance of carpets. Clean carpets offer safe and risk free environment in house.
Carpet cleaning agents found at home are best to be used and can be made out of this readily available in your kitchen. They are quite opposite to cleaner with chemicals which are available in market and are utilized by several professional companies. These methods are known as Natural cleaning solutions and assist you in saving more than a few dollars. Here are best natural remedies you can use in the carpet cleaning at your home:
First of all vacuum the carpet to eliminate all the dirt found loose on your carpet.
Take 1 cup cornmeal and mix in 1 cup borax to come up with carpet cleaning powder. These are organic cleaners for home which assist in getting rid of stains and avoid
development of mold. Also it helps in quitting filthy odors flaming out of your carpet. Shower this powder all over the carpet and let it settle on your carpet for at least an hour. Then vacuum to suck up all the powder and dirt grinded in the carpet. This time the grime you eliminate is that filth which remained in your carpet when you vacuumed for the first time. Also it will get rid of odor and light stains found in your carpet.
Make a mixture of water and vinegar and use for the elimination of stains left behind. If the carpet is light shaded then use salt and lemon mixture to remove stains. To avoid any hassle or damage apply the same mixture on small area and monitor its affects on it. This way you can save your carpet from any kind of damage which the cleaning mixture can cause.
If the stain is dried or old then you can scrub it before applying any cleaning mixture. After you have scrubbed, leave the cleaning mixture on the spot, let it settle and then wash off the the dirt with the help of towel.
Dry out the carpets completely by leaving space for ventilation. You can also use fans or air condition for better and quick drying.

Commercial cleaning guide
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