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DIY Carpet Cleaning Ė All you should know

Carpets can provide luxury and comfort for years, if they are cleaned properly and regularly. Carpet cleaning can either be done personally or by hiring a professional. Individuals who like to give personal attention and save a few dollars as well choose to clean carpet on their own. To help those, in this article I will tell the tips and technique which help you clean carpets in the most perfect manner.
Step #1
To prepare the area for carpet cleaning, remove all the furniture placed in the room. Then with the help of vacuum cleaner remove all the dust particles on the carpet.
Step # 2
Then you have to find an effective cleaning system for your carpet. You can choose from several cleaning systems which suit your budget and are available on rent as well. Drawback of these systems is that they donít have sufficient power needed for proper cleaning of carpets. Before getting one make sure that the cleaning system you use has enough vacuum power needed to dry carpets within 12 hours.
Step # 3
There are certain things that need to be avoided when cleaning the carpets. Avoid using excess quantity of detergent or water in the cleaning process. Avoid excess wetting or moisture, as it can damage the fibers and structure of your carpet.
Step # 4
It is always a good idea to consult the manufacturer to know more about cleaning systems which suits your carpet best. Despite of their suggestion, you should make sure that the carpet cleaner you select has pH lesser than 10 and no sticky residue is left behind after cleaning. If your carpet composes of wool or some other natural fiber, then go for a cleaning system which suits the type of your carpet. Wash your carpet thoroughly with water, this way you can remove the residue of solution left behind.
Ste # 5
The very basic tip is to use a carpet cleaning system which was made and is devoted to the cleaning of your carpet type. For instance if you own a stain resistant carpet, clean it with tools which are made for cleaning of such carpet types. Otherwise the basic characteristics of your carpetís stain resistance will get damaged and the warranty that covers your carpet will be voided. To avoid damage from every way, donít use solutions with brighteners, silicon based anti soil cures or brighteners.

Commercial cleaning guide
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