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Using a potable extractor to clean your carpets

Carpet cleaning is something that is very important in the home, and this means that you should always be sure that youíre doing everything that you can in order to be able to keep your carpets clean and tidy. A portable extractor could help you with this, so it is worth considering whether you would like to use one or not. The first thing that you should be aware of is that there is no need to buy your own, as you would be able to hire these out from shops. This would save you money and would mean that you didnít have to find somewhere that you could store the item when you werenít using it.
Before you use it you should do a little diy carpet cleaning and vacuum so that there is nothing on the surface. There can be a lot of dirt that accumulates over time, and you need to get rid of all of this before you go any further.
Next, you should make sure that the solution that youíre using is as hot as it can possibly be. It will work better if this is the case, and will therefore give you much better results on your carpets in the long term. If you like, you could add a little boiling water to it as this will help to heat them up.
You should try to add your homemade carpet cleaning solution around ten minutes before you use the portable extractor. This means that it would have had enough time to be able to do the job that you need before you remove it, and would therefore have a much better chance of being able to get rid of the stain. It is important that you take a look at how concentrated your diy carpet cleaning solution is, as you donít want it to be wrong. If it is too harsh then it will damage your carpet, and if it is too weak then it wonít do the job properly.
Provided that you take the time to make sure that you know what youíre doing, you should find that you are able to use your homemade carpet cleaning solution along with a portable extractor to get rid of any stains that you donít want and therefore make sure that your carpets are of a high quality for the whole of the time that they are in your home.

Commercial cleaning guide
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