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If you take the time to look on the internet for information when youíre trying to learn how to clean a carpet, then there is a chance that you would be taken to the website of a company who would be trying to sell their services to you. This is something that you should try to avoid, as you will find that the majority of people can clean their own carpets from home just using some of the many easy diy carpet cleaning methods that are available.
Firstly, you need to learn that when a stain occurs, you need to deal with it urgently. If you donít do this then it will get much harder to remove, so as soon as you see a stain, you should do something about it as soon as you possibly can. When it is food that has been spilled, you should try making your own homemade carpet cleaning solution by mixing some baking powder with some water and placing it on the stain. Leave it until it is dry, and then use your vacuum cleaner to get rid of any of the excess powder that might have been left over. You should find that this is enough to deal with the stain, and you would not have had to go down the route of hiring somebody else or wasting your money on the expensive things that you would have had to buy in the shops.
If you would like to stay on top of your carpet cleaning in the long term, then one of the most important diy carpet cleaning tricks that you could learn is simply using the vacuum cleaner on a regular basis. As long as you do this, you should find that you can get rid of any of the bits that are on your carpet, and this would prevent you from having to deal with any stains later on, as these could be avoided.
Over time, you will find that diy carpet cleaning is definitely the best thing to do, and this is because of the fact that you no longer have to pay other people to deal with the stains in your carpets, which would have cost you a lot of money, and you also donít have to worry about paying over the odds for the things that the shops might try to sell to you which would cost far too much money.

Commercial cleaning guide
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