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Carpet is among those rare accessories which can cost you more for maintenance then for purchase. You can easily purchase a beautiful carpet, but it can surprisingly be quite difficult to keep in the same condition. It is important to consider this fact when buying carpets for your home. To help you through, I have enlisted a few cleaning tips which can work wonder on all those stains and spills. So if you want to avail them, read on!
Like everything, carpet cleaning also needs preparation and you can do that with vacuuming. It will take just a few minutes from your daily life but will add a lot more to your carpet cleaning process.
Homemade Cleaning Products
Now itís time to get rid of stains making your carpet looking filthy! A general recipe for cleaning all types of stains is to add 2 tbsp. vinegar into ľ cup Baking Soda and blend both nicely. Apply the paste on the affected area and let it settle in for a while. Vacuum it when the mixture dries out and the stains will vanish. If your stains are more serious and require special attendance, go for above stated recipes.
Blood stains
Make sure you attend the stain as soon as seen. Begin with pouring water in a bowl and add detergent into it. Dip in a clean sponge and wipe the blood stain with it. For better results you can also spray the mixture and then it with clean cloth.
Ink stains
Pour in alcohol in a clean piece of cloth. Blot the ink stain with this cloth, but donít rub or scrub on the stains. Continue blotting until the stain disappears completely.
Still there? Try this!
Sometimes, stains turn out to be tough and are visible even after sufficient cleaning. These are hard stains, to remove them get 2 cups water and add in ľ lemon extract. Then add in a squid of dish washing detergent into the cleaning mixture. Then take a clean sponge and dip in the cleaning mixture. Donít forget to squeeze of extra liquid and then rub over the stains to vanish them. Then for final touch, pour new cloth into cold water and wipe the stain off. If all your efforts are in vain, call a commercial carpet cleaning company to look into the matter and handle it with care.

Commercial cleaning guide
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