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Clean Carpets with Home based Green Products

Green is a color which represents nature, peace and greenery and when used with cleaning products means natural and safe. Cleaning the green way helps you avoid toxics as well as chemicals and using products which are completely safe. This approach of green cleaning is quite popular all around the world and is a combination of specific tools, chemicals and other useful ways which offer safe cleanup program.
On witnessing a filthy and muddy carpet, the first though that hits your mind is to hire professional cleaning company. But the expensive cost suddenly hit back and makes the entire idea ‘not so appealing’. No worries! As now you can an alternative method for cleaning out those filthy stains off your carpet and you can start by DIY home-based carpet cleaning products.
DIY Green Cleaning Products
Here are a few recipes to form cleaning products the green way:
Add in 1 cup Baking Soda; pour in along with vinegar and corn starch. Mix all of them nicely and apply on the entire carpet, leaving it for one night. Vacuum the carpet in morning and take pleasure of your newly clean, fresh smelling carpet.
Having pet on your carpet can be a real pain. Begin with cleaning out any debris, sprinkle vinegar on the carpet and then salt, and let it settle in. Vacuum the area later to get a fresh smelling carpet.
To eliminate mold in the carpet, spray vinegar on the specific area and top it up with salt to soak in moisture. Continue the process for around 5 days to get best and long run results.
Steam cleaning with vinegar can also help you keep carpet fresh and provide better results than any other commercial alternative.
How to get rid of stubborn stains?
Now it’s time to attend a major problem faced by your carpets, ‘stubborn stains’. These home based cleaning products can definitely help you through and eliminate stains of food, blood and other types just with club soda. Even ammonia, milk or peroxide can be used in place of soda. You can start by applying good amount of cleaning ingredient on the stain, let it into the carpet and then wipe it off with sponge. Top it up with salt and let it settle into the carpet, clean with water and sponge later. To make that nasty odor go away,, deodorize your carpet with vinegar.

Commercial cleaning guide
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