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Amazing DIY Carpet Cleaner Solutions

Carpet can be an amazing and colorful addition to your house. They complete the look formed by furniture, blinds, curtain and give a final touch on the entire interior of your house. Carpets come in different designs and styles, making your home a nice place to dwell in.
Carpets are among highly popular accessories which can be found in every house since old times. The term carpet was originated from Old Italian term ‘carpire’ which mean pluck and is used in place of the term ‘rug’. This fancy accessory definitely needs cleaning in order to benefit for a longer period of time. Carpets tend to attract huge amounts of stains, dust, germs and stains. So it is advised that your carpet is cleaned on a regular basis and allergies or sickness is avoided. Cleaning of carpets require loads of time and efforts. You can also use carpet cleaning solutions for added help.
Most carpet cleaning solutions available in market are chemical based and can lay unhealthy effects. So how can I save myself with such harmful ingredients and effects? You can do that by creating cleaning solutions at home. DIY carpet cleaning solutions turn out to be cheap and safe substitute for commercial products.
Carpet Cleaning Solutions
Carpet cleaning solution can be generated from daily ingredients easily found at home. Here are a few:
• Salt and tonic liquid can work wonders on your carpet. You can start by sprinkling salt on stains and pour tonic water on it. Let it settle for an hour and vacuum it off the carpet later.
• Baking soda can also work great on carpets and turn out to be green as well as cheap. It helps eliminate stains and foul odors. Sprinkle moderate amount on carpet, dip in brush with bristle and scrub over.
• Another option is to use cleaning solution based on vinegar. Mix in single part of vinegar in 10 parts of water.
• You can also make DIY cleaning solution by mixing water and laundry soap. Laundry soaps works great on clothes and so does for the carpets. Pour in a small amount on the carpet and scrub in circular motions with brush.
Homemade cleaning solutions for carpets are least expensive substitute of chemical based solutions and work better than others. A carpet cleaning solution made at home is a lot safe and healthier for the environment. DIY carpet cleaning solutions allow you to create an healthy environment to breathe and cheer in.

Commercial cleaning guide
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