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Home-based Shampoo Recipes for Carpet Cleaning

Filthy and stained carpets become quite difficult to clean and force the owner to hire a professional for cleaning purpose. Is there any way to save expensive fees charged by these commercial cleaners? Yes, definitely there is! Homemade recipes can be used for carpet cleaning and a handsome amount of money can be saved while keeping the floor clean. There is a huge variety of homemade shampoo recipes which can be used for the removal of dirt and stains. Few recipes work well on one type of stain while other work wonders on some other issue.
Recipe for Ink Stains
If you witness an ink stain spilled on your carpet, first of all blot out excess liquid found on the surface. Donít smear it and use a clean cloth to soak up the ink. Ingredients like lemon juice and cream of tartar can help you do rest of the work. Sprinkle small amount of tartar cream on the stain and the pour in few drops of lemon, then rub gently. Once you have removed the stain completely, vacuum off the excess tartar cream.
Recipe for Blood Spots
Blood spots can immediately be removed with cold water or club soda. Also hydrogen peroxide can be used to eliminate blood stain from the carpet or even a cloth. Pour the magical ingredient directly on the affected area and bubbles will appear. Clean nicely with water to remove the stain completely.
Recipe for Grease Stains
Corn starch or baking soda is our secret ingredient to be used for oily stains. With the help of paper towels, remove off all the oil on surface. Sprinkle corn starch or baking soda on the affected area. Rub the mixture and leave for a night allowing the oil to get absorbed. Suck the residue with vacuum later.
General Recipes
Make a mixture of 1 part borax and 2 parts baking soda to clean the stains or spills on carpet. Clean the mess with paper towel later and the sprinkle borax powder to rub off odors and stains. Let it settle for1 hour and vacuum later.
For making shampoos to be used in carpet machineries, make a mixture of liquid soap and vinegar. Add in 1 tablespoon of liquid soap and vinegar in one quart of clean water. You can also pour the liquid in a spray bottle and apply it directly on the affected area.

Commercial cleaning guide
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