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Do you wish to have the same brand new look on your ‘not so good looking’ carpet? The secret lies in regular carpet cleaning which helps you maintain quality and life. Many people still are unaware of the right carpet cleaning method and end up damaging their carpets. Some due to this incapability assign the task to professional cleaning companies which turn out to be expensive yet ineffective. So to help those with a lack of knowledge, here are a few tips and tricks which will allow you to do carpet cleaning on your own and save a handsome amount as well.
How to start?
All cleaning sessions begin with a small session of cleaning which focuses on removal of dirt particles found on the surface. The first thing which strikes our minds in vacuum cleaning, but do we always need it? Though vacuum cleaner can be found in every house, there are still other ways which can be used to conduct the task easily. For example if your carpet issue is related to dirt gathered on the carpet’s surface, then you won’t require vacuum cleaning machine and can simply swipe it away manually. If manual sweeping is not effective in the removal of such dirt particles, then you should go for vacuum cleaning machine.
Stains & Spills
Carpet cleaning could have been a lot easier, if it had no tough stains or spills. Despite of the nature of stains, never be careless in their removal and cleaning. But at the same time, you can’t be harsh as well, because this way you may end up ruining carpet’s color. If you find stains on the carpet, then assure that they are wiped off properly and are not absorbed deep into the carpet. Stains if once get absorbed into the carpet are definitely hard to eliminate.
Before applying a specific remover for stains, make sure you go through the guidelines to know the quantity and time required for the cleaning. Few cleaning solution require diluted solution, while others demand direct application on the stains and spills. Some products’ instructions differ with the category of stain. Many carpets installed newly could get damaged due to slight mistake or inaccuracy in the application of solutions. By going through the instructions carefully, you can assure that the carpet is well cleaned and is maintained in a good condition.

Commercial cleaning guide
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