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Recipes for eliminating stains on Basement Carpets

Basement is a place which requires proper decoration as well as maintenance to be functional, practical and appealing. Flooring plays an important role in adding appeal and style to any place whether it is an office, bedroom or even basement. You can choose from a huge variety of basement flooring available in the market and improve the basement area of your house. When considering about warm and welcoming basement flooring, carpet always click our minds first. Carpets are quite comfy and create a peaceful atmosphere at home. But basement is a place which caters several parties and surprise guests, which in turn increases foot trafficking making the brand new accessory dirty.
What can you do to bring back that brand new look? How can you remove those embarrassing spills and stain off your basement carpet? You can choose from three exceptional choices for stain removal and they surprisingly can be found in your own house. What? Arenít you convinced enough? Itís because the choices you have are too cheap and donít have a branded label on them? Sometimes even the branded cleaning solutions fail to provide the results which can be availed from home based cleaning solutions. All investment you would need is a mist bottle to pour and spray the solution.
Carpet cleaning solution # 1 - Basic solution of ammonia
To make basic solution of ammonia, add in 2 tbsps. Ammonia usually found in household item in 1 cup water. You can use this solution to eliminate stains of ink, chocolate, lipstick, blood and beverage.
Carpet cleaning solution # 2 - mild solution of detergent
Simply add one quarter tsp. liquid of mild detergent in a full cup of warm water and put into a spray bottle. This solution can be used to remove all type of spills and stains discussed above plus it can cater fingernail polish, coffee, crayon, pet, paint and shoe polish stains.
Carpet cleaning solution # 3 - vinegar based solution
In your spray bottle, add 1 cup white vinegar into 2 cup water. You can use this solution for the removal of all type of stains.
Remember, to keep your basement carpet clean you should avoid stains in the first place. Secondly, you should act quickly and work as soon as you notice a spill or stain. Correct method is to blot and not scrub, as it can spread the stain to added area.

Commercial cleaning guide
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