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How to Remove Grease Stains on Your Carpet

Grease and oil are compulsory for cars but not carpets! Greasy stain are the toughest to remove and can turn your carpet into a disaster. It is among those spills which require immediate attendance as delay can ruin the entire look of your carpet.
If you have accidently got a greasy spill on your carpet and now want to remove it off, here is a simple guide on how you can deal with stubborn greasy stains on your carpet.
First of all, scoop out the entire greasy spill you can find on the surface of carpet. Make sure you act quickly and scrape off as soon as you witness the spill, this way you can avoid deep penetration of stain. If once the stain gets deep into the fibers of carpet, it can be very difficult to remove it off.
After you have removed maximum grease off the carpet, now its time to remove stain formed on the affected area. Pour isopropyl alcohol on a cotton ball and blot it on the greasy stain repetitively. This way you can transfer maximum amount of stain from the carpet to the cotton ball and make the remaining process much easier. Remember, you just have to blot and not rub the stain otherwise you will end up making rest of the carpet dirty as well.
When you have finished blotting the stain with alcohol, apply moderate amount of home based cleaning solution for carpet. To make your very own carpet cleaning solution, mix one part non bleach detergent of laundry into four times warm water. Pour the mixture on the affected area and let it settle in for 2 3 minutes.
Take a clean piece of white towel or cloth and blot the affected area to soak in the liquid. Keep blotting on the affected area repeatedly until the stain vanishes. You may have to try for several times, but you can gradually remove the stain with the help of cleaning solution you have made at home.
You can calm down when you see the greasy stain disappearing from your expensive accessory, but the task has not finished yet. Sometime there is still some residue left in the base of the carpet which can appear after a few days. To get rid of that, rinse the affected area with water and dry the carpet thoroughly with the help of clean cloth. Now your carpet is completely clean and stain free!

Commercial cleaning guide
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