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DIY Home Carpet Cleaning Methods

It is impossible to gain optimum results from professional carpet cleanup and the disappointment it brings is far greater than dismay caused by unsuccessful dentist visit. Though a few carpet cleaning companies can offer high quality, but unfortunately are quite expensive to fit in lay man’s budget. Then what should a person do in such situation? There is still some hope left, as you can use several carpet cleaning methods at your home and save a handsome amount from being paid to professional service.
Equipment – Should I own one?
It is not mandatory to own a carpet cleaning equipment as you can rent them from several places. You can find them at several DIY shops or the ones for hardware. But everything comes with a drawback and equipment also does. Carpet cleaning equipment demands labor from your end. You need to shift around furniture for careful cleaning of carpets and get your hand on hidden areas. But you can also opt for conducting spot cleaning and save a few hours of efforts in carpet cleaning.
Portable Vacuums
When talking about saving, you can do that with portable vacuum cleaner as well. ‘Shop Vac’ is among those popular brands which can be chosen. These vacuums are commonly used for the cleanup of car interiors, workshops and areas of wood working. You can’t use these machineries for entire cleaning of carpets as they demand you to kneel down for an extended period of time. But it can be effectively used for obvious stains and spots which are quite embarrassing and require quick fix.
To use these vacuums by adding in hot water and detergent, prepare the carpet for scrubbing process by cleaning out the spots appearing on your carpet. You can do that by getting on your knees and vacuuming those embarrassing spots and stains. The best part of a portable vacuum is that you can take it any place you want and suck up the water in stains or spills. To avoid any major damages, you can test a small area of your carpet and see if the results are good enough. You can find such areas hidden under the furniture and these can help you avoid damages and fading instances. If you are in serious need of cash and are talking tough budget, then search local newspapers, web or brochures for marketing which offer coupons of reduced prices.

Commercial cleaning guide
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