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Vinegar Best Carpet Cleaning Element

Vinegar is an ingredient which can work not only work wonders in several dishes but also on your carpets as well. It is a magic ingredient which can be used inside and outside the kitchen. No matter how bad or stubborn the stain is, it can be removed with the magic of vinegar.
Vinegar has qualities of cleaning solutions and can offer several benefits. Not only it is cheap, but also offers the quality similar to commercial products. It is easily available at home or at stores and can cater several carpet emergencies. So if you are amazed with the idea and want to know some popular suggestions and uses then read on.
Cleaning Marks & Stains on Carpet
Marks and stains can turn out to be quite annoying and embarrassing in front of guests. They impose a more filthier and dirtier, making your carpet appear damaged and dull. So your first priority should be their removal and attendance as soon as they appear. This is where vinegar can help you impressively. Vinegar is a high quality solution which has all the qualities required for cleaning and breaking down of stains. The method is quite easy and can be performed by every house hold. Simply get a teaspoon full of white vinegar and then add the same in a cup of warm water. Pour the same mixture into a spray bottle and sprinkle on the affected area of your carpet. Let the vinegar solution stay and settle in for 3 – 5 minutes and then use a clean cloth to blot the stain out. Repeat until the stain is completely gone.
Removal of Nasty Odor off the Carpet
Another major problem faced by carpet owners is ‘unpleasant odor’ and its removal. Vinegar can be a great help in this case and can be used for the removal of such odors. Not only does it owns cleaning properties, but also has deodorizing qualities. It assists in counteracting bad odors of carpets which can occur due to fungi, pets, bacteria etc. To use vinegar as a deodorizer, you have to form ‘the vinegar mixture’ which was discussed earlier in the article. Repeat the same guidelines and spray on the area with foul smell. Allow the mixture to set in and get dried up on the carpet. This way you will be able to remove odors, making your carpet smell fresh and clean again.

Commercial cleaning guide
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