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Top 4 DIY Carpet Cleaning Tips and Techniques

You can add a lot of passion and style by installing carpet at your home. With the luxury and comfort comes the responsibility of regular cleaning. No doubt, hiring a professional for a half yearly sessions can shun away major hassle, but in order to keep your carpet in a condition to be cleaned they need to be cleaned on a regular basis. To help you through that, here are a few quick DIY cleaning tips:
Grab some tools
First of all you should know which tools you will need. Basic items include clean towels, vacuum cleaners, and solutions for cleaning and little patience of course!
Know how to use
When vacuuming make sure you set machine on right height. Move your vacuum cleaner in several directions and remember most suction power can be gained when it is pulled back.
DIY Carpet Cleaning Solutions
With above tips you can form your very own carpet cleaning solutions and keep the beforehand for future carpet cleaning.
Add in single tbsp. vinegar into single bucket of water, this will help you eliminate bacteria as well as stains. Dip in a clean towel or sponge and blot the same on the spot. Though vinegar may leave slight traces of odor but it will vanish off in 2 days or less.
If you find vinegar odor intolerable, then opt for using baking soda. Sprinkle on the affected area when dried off completely. Let it settle in and vacuum later. This will help eliminating off the odor grinded deep in your carpet.
You can also go for peroxide or other agents of bleaching for more stubborn stains. Not only does this mixture eliminate stains but also help removing stains. These cleaning agents turn out to be quite powerful and can actually damage your expensive accessory if applied by untrained person. So it is wise to apply these in moderate amounts and use water as a must. To avoid hassle always try the mixture on a small area.
What is the Last Resort?
As a final resort, you can always use steam cleaner. Donít use it very often as it is not something mandatory. Vacuuming on a regular basis and applying spot treatments for spills or stains is the best method for maintenance of carpet. Try delaying the use of steam cleaners up to six months, this will help you clean them better.

Commercial cleaning guide
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