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Tips and Tricks of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning done without any research or training can turn out to be tiring. But if the same is done with proper research and knowledge can give worthy results. This article provides you with basic knowledge required for carpet cleaning.
Vacuuming for Purpose
Carpet being an expensive and delicate households item needs cleaning on a regular basis. By regular cleaning I mean proper vacuuming, removal of dirt or dust particles and stain removal. Starting with vacuuming it should be done every week as this will help prolonging life of your carpet.
If you are dealing with cleaning of wall to wall carpeted house, divide the area in 4 sections. Section with highest level of foot trafficking should be given most attention, so that filth can be removed. Then do other sections according to the same agenda. You main purpose should be removed dirt and dust appearing visibly on your carpet.
Donít let Spills become Stains!
What should be your first step on witnessing a colored fluid spilled on your carpet? To answer you need to know a few basic rules of cleaning spills on carpet. Cleaning can be quite crucial as a single mistake can get rid of your carpet then the embarrassing spill.
So your first step should be to blot the affected area to avoid spreading the same on other areas. Then you can apply the cleaning agent, now be very careful when using a cleaning agent as several cleaner have harmful components. To avoid any damage to the fibers, you can test the cleaning agent on a small area of your carpet and monitor its reaction.
Make sure you donít rub the affected area in any step, simply blot it with the help of a clean and soft cloth. On the application of a steam cleaner, clean from outer direction to inward direction this way you can assure that only the affected area is attended.
Then you will need another soft and clean towel, to blot the area and soak up all the residue of water and cleaning solution remaining in the carpet. To assure further that the material has absorbed the entire residue left behind by cleaning agent and water, place small stacks of towels and squash them further with weigh. After you have assured that the entire place is dried completely, apply a soft brush to bring its fibers back to normal place.

Commercial cleaning guide
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