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Cleaning Carpets with Steam Machines

For cleaning and beautification of carpets various methods are used that are traditional as well as modern. All these methods remove dirt, dust and all type of stains from the carpets making them as beautiful as new. Carpet cleaning is an important issue as properly maintained and cleaned carpets lasts for a longer time than poorly maintained carpets. A magazine named Sanitary Maintenance has recently reported that the concept of carpet cleaning is mostly misunderstood by the people and to clear those manufacturers have recently identified chemicals and different methods for carpet cleaning.
They think green technologies can provide better solutions for carpet cleaning that requires less training and saves money as well as time than previous cleaning methods.
In USA, all the carpet cleaning industries are professional and educated about this field. These industries are governed and run by The Clean Trust, which is the formal institution of Cleaning, Restoration and Inspection Certification. This nonprofit certifying body sets new standards for carpet cleaning mostly for fabric cleaning industries. Basic five dry & wet cleaning methods are accepted by this organization/cleaning body.
The most common question asked by all is how furniture items get dirty and why does not is seem to show?
Cleaners always agree on the fact that top enemy of upholstered furniture is dust. Open doors and windows are favorable place from where dirty particles blow in and set it on cushions and sofa backs. Imagine the amount of dust accumulated on the table and chair which has not been dusted since a long time. Same thing goes with your sofas and upholstered furniture but it is not visible to your eyes. All this dust and dirt compresses into the fabric when you sit on them which makes it more difficult to remove by vacuum cleaning.
The most common problem that people face is wearing out furniture. One of its major reasons is rough actions of dirt particles which work like knife and cuts the fabric making it wear out really fast. Combination of dust mites, pollens and other nasty dirt particles spoil your furniture within a short period of time (within a year). For good health of your family mostly for kids and pets your furniture should be properly cleaned once in a year. Soil that is regularly deposited on furniture items cause germs and bacteria to grow.

Commercial cleaning guide
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