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Advantages and Disadvantages of Dry Carpet Cleaning Method

Dry method has now become popular method of cleaning Carpets and rugs. This specific cleaning method is much different from other methods. Although dry cleaning also utilizes some amount of water but this amount is less than that water that is used in cleaning carpets with steam cleaning. So the question arises that if this method is more effective or is it better to go for other methods? The answer could be in two ways either yes or no. Here are some of the pros and cons of dry cleaning of carpets method.
The major advantage of dry cleaning method is that carpet can be dried with in a very short period of time. This is an ideal method for business which work for a longer time or 24/7 and may include airports, casinos, bars and many more like these. This method is also convenient for those home owners who are irritated of waiting hours and hours for the carpet to get dried. Another advantage of dry carpet cleaning is that most of the carpet materials like silk and oriental rugs need very easy and delicate cleaning that could only be possible if less water is used, in such cases dry cleaning methods are best as they use lesser water and keeps the delicate look maintained.
However disadvantages of this dry cleaning process on the other hand are way more in quantity. The main disadvantage is same that is considered sometimes the biggest advantage that the usage of water is less in dry cleaning. It makes the cleaning very easy by just rinsing the carpet in less time it allows most of the dust and mud to remain inside the carpet but what it needs a deep and long process cleaning. If your pets have soiled your carpets completely or you have guests most of the time at your home then this method of cleaning is not at all effective to keep your carpet cleaned and germ free. Another major disadvantage of dry cleaning is that they mostly depend on the strong power of the solutions used in cleaning. This can make an offensive odor which won’t be liked by any of people sitting on your carpet.
As you have read about pros and cons of dry cleaning method, it will be wise to make your decision while keeping these points on time.

Commercial cleaning guide
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