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How to clean your Carpets Tips you should know

Although there are lots and lots of tiling and flooring types, but still almost every kind of house have carpets somewhere. Carpets are easily to get dirty, so they have to be cleaned periodically in order to keep consistently clean and fresh, and also is is a good idea to get rid of the grimes and dirt. Also it helps protecting your family from allegiance that might have a bad effect on their health.
If you are new to carpet cleaning, this article have a lot of of information and cleaning tips that even some of the carpet cleaning experts are not aware of. You can read this article to know the first basics of the carpet cleaning process. Some people just skip cleaning their carpets just because they do not know how to do it. There are lots and lots of articles about the carpet cleaning issue, but lots of them are complicated and are not easy to understand.
How to remove carpet stains?
Most of customers today prefer Eco-friendly and Non-toxic carpet cleaning products. If you are one of them, these products would be the best choice specially if you have children or pets at your home. Start the cleaning process by spot cleaning each carpeted area are at your home. That would be a good idea if you clean one room each time.
You can use a great tactic to clean a spot from your carpet, and to avoid the spot from extending to other areas. First, dap spot cleaning solution on the outer edge of the stain, and then move the cleaner closer to the center of the stain. After that, you can blot the stain softly with a piece of cloth.
Remove the Spills Immediately!
If something was spilled on the carpet, you should clean it as soon as it happens before it turns to a stain (and be harder to remove).As it is not a fixed law that you should clean the carpet only by a certain schedule. To remove the spill, Blot the spilled liquid from the edges by a white piece of cloth (in order to avoid the spilled liquid from removing the dye from the colored cloth and stain the carpet). After removing most of the liquid, use the cleaning process mentioned in the article.
Shampoo your carpet!
It is not very common for some people to shampoo their carpets regularly on monthly basis, but shampooing periodically is an important content of steam cleaning and therefore should be performed to complete the entire process.

Commercial cleaning guide
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