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Dry Cleaning Vs Steam Carpet Cleaning

When considering carpet cleaning, the eternal conflict that you will face is not about chemical vs. green products, not even about good vs. bad; itís only about dry vs. wet concept. Both forces tend to act in opposite direction, giving you only choice which you can select for perfect cleaning of your carpet. This matter can be discussed in more serious way rather than creating a dramatic concept of these two cleaning methods. Letís discuss the difference between wet and dry methods of carpet cleaning.
Wet Cleaning Methods
Most commonly adopted cleaning method by carpet owners is wet cleaning method. As name indicates, it involves the use of water in it. Shampooing and steam cleaning are two major techniques of wet cleaning.
Shampooing Technique
When you shampoo your carpet, an equipment is utilized that produce foam on carpet surface which stirred inner dirt and soil from the carpet that stuck in the foam. The carpet is then left for drying for hours or even overnight. Dirt can later be removed with foam using vacuum cleaner.
Steaming Technique
Another technique of wet cleaning is steam cleaning. This method also involves use of water but in the form of steam. Hot water is converted into steam that goes deep inside the carpet surface for effective cleaning along with using quality detergents. All these together extract dirt and unwanted particles from carpet surface which is then sucked by high power vacuum cleaners. The use of hot water will effectively kill germs and bacteria residing in carpet making it clean and healthy for you and your family.
Dry Cleaning Methods
On the other hand, dry cleaning is also among effective cleaning processes for your carpets that will provide you satisfying results. Though dry cleaning methods are known to be 'dry', but they may involve little amount of water. In this method a dry powder is spread over the carper surface, little amount of water as absorbent, quality detergent and dissolving solvents for making it damp. All these ingredients are rubbed over the carpet surface using machine and then removed using heaving duty vacuum cleaners.
Dry cleaning is quite an effective and useful cleaning method as its best advantage is giving deep and thorough cleaning to your carpets. This process does not involve drying of carpet like in shampooing and steam cleaning.
This is one of the drawbacks of these cleaning methods that make them less likely to be used by carpet owners. Depending on size of carpet it may require waiting of several hours and if the carpet isnít dry properly it will eventually result in getting dirt spots on damp areas that will generate germs and bacteria in carpet surface. Dry and shampooing is considered as surface cleaning methods whereas steam cleaning is considered as one of the most comprehensive and best methods of carper c
leaning. Dry cleaning is fastest method of carpet cleaning as it does not involve insufficient drying of carpet. There are always fewer chances of dirt spots to appear while using dry carpet cleaning. However choose the best cleaning method that suits your environment or carpet.

Commercial cleaning guide
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