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Carpet Cleaning is quite effective and impresses every person at some point or time. Though we can find hundreds of cleaning products for carpets today, but you can choose the best carpet cleaner only if you have all the information in need. Only a good carpet cleaner used with a few tips on stain removal can give optimum results.
Starting with a house which has lots of pets and children, one should consider using steam cleaner. You can find several steams cleaner at different price range. You can find a cheap one in second hand range of steam cleaners. Steam cleaners are known for its deep cleaning quality and remove dust, mites or other allergens present in the carpet. You can also choose to employ green, environment friendly and toxic free products, if you wish to keep your babies or pets safe.
If cheap cleaning method turns out to be a necessity for you, then you can opt to clean on your own. Finding a cheaper steam cleaning service for your carpet can be pretty difficult and the one you can find can definitely dig a hole in your pocket. Though carpet cleaning on your own is not something which will be cheap, but it can help you save a few dollars. You will find several cleaning companies which use steam cleaning methods and will charge hundreds of dollars for a service which I think is not worth.
Dry cleaning method of carpet works on assumption and not some scientific research to back up on. The entire cleaning process depends and needs the certain degree of moisture for the performance of the task. Few compounds used are of wet nature, whereas other cleaning procedure is conducted before the spraying of dry chemical. Dry cleaning method offers a less wet cleaning procedure for your carpets and has quicker drying time when compared with steam cleaning methods.
Bonus Tip
Alert! Alert! There’s a chewing gum on the carpet! Have you tried scraping it off the carpet? Use a metal comb or a mat to scrape off the chewing gum stuck in the fibers of carpet. This way you will be able to knock off huge chunks of solid and will make the process easier. If you find this method difficult, you can also remove the lumps by freezing it up with ice or heating it with hot water. Rest of it will be easily removed with any cleaning method you choose for carpet.

Commercial cleaning guide
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