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Top 5 Professional Methods for Carpet cleanup

Cleaning through hot water extraction:
This method is commonly known by the name of steam cleaning. High pressure of hot water is used to extract dirt and dust from the surface of your carpets. All the dust that is hidden in the carpets is properly extracted from the carpets making it stay neat and clean for long time.
Various cleaning solutions and detergents are solved in hot water that is used to extract all types of harmful bacteria and germs from the soiled surface of the carpets. It will take 2 hours to properly clean carpet of 3000 sq. ft.; this would be an average size to consider. After proper cleaning, leave the carpets to dry overnight and in the morning you will find a clean and sparkling carpet.
Shampooing the carpets:
In 1970’s this method of cleaning became popular for cleaning carpets, but one of its disadvantage is that it doesn’t work well for heavily soiled carpets. If you use this method on such carpets it will leave large amount of foam as well as water inside carpets and will make things even more difficult.
Foam Encapsulation:
Using this method will allow dust and dirt particles to encapsulate with foam created by synthetic detergents. Afterwards all the crystallize foam and dirt particles are suck by vacuum cleaner leaving the carpet neat and clean.
This method has overcome the shampooing technology that was previously used by carpet cleaners. Now carpet cleaners happily prefer this method of cleaning as all it takes is just synthetic cleaner and a little patience for drying of carpet. You just need to vacuum later on the carpet to make it clean from dust.
Bonnet Cleaning of carpet
This method uses heavy cleaning machines that clean top surface of carpets using motorized spinning pad. Cleaning detergents are applied on these spinning pads that properly clean surface of carpets without leaving any residual of detergent or dust. This method is usually used in hotels as to give fast solution for dirty carpets in heavy traffic areas.
Dry Capet Cleaning Method:
This has been found as the latest technology for cleaning the carpets in any market. Most of the carpet making companies will promote this method for the cleaning of your home carpets. It has been popular among all kind of people due to its convenience and quick performance. Also it applies quick drying time and doesn’t imposes soiled carpets.

Commercial cleaning guide
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