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5 Popular ways of carpet cleaning

Carpets have a powerful effect on building an area that looks tidy, but also require proper cleaning which can often become difficult issue. It needs patience and a true will; also it can be a really tricky job.
You can clean your carpet once a year and it could be in every 10 month or earlier, if foot trafficking in your house is high. You should always clean your carpets before it gets really dirty and make the issue even more difficult. If your carpet has a light color it would look dirtier and show prominent stains than other colors. But be careful, it doesn't mean that the dark shaded carpets don't need cleaning; they also get dirty and need to be cleaned as well.
The Quantity of dirt and grimes are among major determinants of choosing the method to clean your carpet, also the type the fabric it is made of, the time required for the carpet to dry out are a few factors which need consideration. As there are lots of ways for carpet cleaning that the professionals would use, famous ones of them are Shampooing, Dry cleaning and steam cleaning. In this article we are going to review the ways of carpet cleaning methods which can be used to get a tidier carpet.
Dry cleaning:
In this technique first you should use a cleaning solution (normally a powder). It is supposed to be sprinkled on the carpet and will go for the dirt. Then you leave the powder for a few minutes and then you use a vacuum to suck the powder and the dirt together. Dry cleaning is very effective if you only have dirt on your carpet and has no significant effect on bacteria. Dry cleaning is not suitable for homes that have pets around. This method also dries out carpets quickly.
Carpet Shampooing
Carpet shampooing uses a certain shampoo to wash the carpet. When using this technique, you first apply the shampoo to the carpet before you use the cleaning machine. Put the shampoo onto the carpet and then wait for a few minutes till the shampoo absorbs into the carpet. Then, you can remove the shampoo by using the machine which uses the water resolution on the carpet in order to remove the shampoo from the carpet.
Steam Cleaning
The use of Hot water will always be the best method of cleaning a carpet. It is widely used among the professional carpet cleaning companies. The professionals have cleaning machines mounted on trucks or portable small machines, they are both effective as they remove the dirt and eliminate the stains. This technique uses Hot water with moist vacuum. The professional Carpet cleaning companies prefer the use of the Truck mounts because it is much easier than the other.

Commercial cleaning guide
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