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If you have decided that you would like to set up your own carpet cleaning business, one of the main struggles that people will have is being able to afford the equipment that you need without having already earned some money from the business that you are setting up. The good news is that there is a variety of carpet cleaning equipment, and you should find that there is some that is within your price range.
Possibly the best place to start would be by buying a high quality vacuum cleaner. You are able to purchase these relatively cheaply, and it would give you the ability to start earning by charging your clients for vacuuming their homes. If, for example, you were to charge them a monthly fee for visiting a few times each month, you could say that you will carry out different duties each visit. Things like a deep clean only need to be carried out every couple of months, and this means that you would have the time to save up for the equipment with the work that you were completing for your clients in the meantime.
Other carpet cleaning equipment that you should make the effort to buy at the beginning is stain remover. If you have clients who are expecting you to be able to take care of their carpets, it is vital that you are going to be prepared for every eventuality that could occur. If they report a stain, and you do not have the right equipment to deal with this, then it may look as though you are not prepared, and this could cause them to avoid using your services in the future.
Although you might not be able to afford all of the possible carpet cleaning equipment right from the start, simply getting hold of the basics would allow you to start working and begin getting some cash flow into your business. Over time, you could then buy the machines that would allow you to offer more complicated treatments, and you could even rent them out if a client would like that type of treatment a little sooner. There is no need that a lack of start up cash should get in the way of you starting your own business; you have the ability to start slowly and building a carpet cleaning empire that you will always be able to be proud of.

Commercial cleaning guide
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